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Zelo from B.A.P. '96
Mokpo representative
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I can really say that he’s definitely the cutest! And don’t worry, I know I am and will be completely happy

Good, with him around people should stop calling me cute. *waves arms cheerfully* I’ve known you for around a year and I couldn’t feel happier hearing those words. You definitely deserve this, pal.

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Maknae is in the house.

You called, sir?

8:05 pm

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Hmm, I think you’re right.. though I’m not really sure.. -chuckles lightly- nah I don’t think so, do you?

*taps his chin, humming* We can always can go eat something. Life of an idol is a constant circle of dieting so I guess we deserve a break from time to time.

7:53 pm

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Wouldn’t that be cauliflowers then..? /she tilts her head and shrugs, deciding to let go of the topic. when he tugs her sleeve however, her eyes widen and she was quick to nod, a hand lifting to pat his head; I don’t see why not, we’ll buy whatever you want!


Why don’t we have both, then? /he chuckles but simply follows the change of topic, kinda intimidated by sudden affection; Noona is so generous. I hope no one had ever wanted to take advantage on noona’s good heart. Are we going to supermarket then? This area looks completely foreign to me.

3:15 pm

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You don’t like broccoli? But it tastes so nice.. especially with cheese and tuna.. /she dreamily sighs, hands clasped together, before chuckling* But, alright. No broccoli. We’ll just get those ones overloaded with meat and cheese. And creamy lasagna And maybe garlic sticks. And.. ah, I really want more. /she laughs, her lower lip jutting out a bit*


It’s their look, though. Everytime I eat one, I feel like I’m consuming some little dehydrated brain. /he nods seriously and listens to her, laughing at last sentence; As long as we will be able to afford them, I don’t mind. Can I put tacos and chips on that list, can I? /with a tug on her sleeve, he makes her look at his pouty face;

8:18 pm

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/she grins* Yeah? Well, think of it as Santa’s early Christmas gifts. You’ve probably been good the whole year. /she laughs* And yes, we shall! What kinda pizza do you have in mind? Should we get the assorted one? Mm, and I’d really like some lasagna, too… man, I’m really hungry.. /she pats her stomach, pouting a bit as they walk*


I guess I’ve been, or maybe it’s just one of those dreams you wish they were true. /he muses out and shakes head to stop himself from spacing out; huh? Oh, I don’t really mind. Assorted one sounds the best as long as there won’t be any broccoli. /pulls a face, cringing dramatically; Then we will take care of your stomach, I promise. /salutes whilst walking next to her;

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Hmm… the park is nice, but that’s probably too public.. /she purses her lips in thought and then grins once she gets an idea* How about my agency’s rooftop? It’s decked and lined with wood, and there are plants, and it’s really breezy up there—it’s gonna be great! We can literally lie down and have no care in the world.


You know what noona? It’s been some time fince I have wanted to get on some building’s roof. I feel like it’s Christmas already with all ideas you have. *he returns the smile and raises his thumb up* Shall we get the food then?

6:12 pm

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I wouldn’t mind at all— if there was any left. It was just a slice. And I’m still hungry…… hm, how about this, we can order some more and other things like nachos, and feast on it together! Sounds good?


It sounds like perfect idea, as long as we find some place where we could digest in peace, because I’m sure I won’t be able to move even an inch after our feast. Indeed, perfect.

5:10 pm

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I did!


Would you mind sharing? I mean, I have some cola left and we can just get high on all carbohydrates if you want.

4:55 pm

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/kicks that hand; 

/whimpers and retracts it; rude

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` wheels | j ☓ j


Her phone was resting on the kitchen counter when he called and Jieun was by the fridge, drinking some fresh lemonade to cool her head. It took a few rings until she noticed the call, and when it appeared that the person she was waiting for was the one who was contacting her, she immediately picked it up, a vicious scold for the younger on the tip of her tongue.


She was abruptly cut off by the helpless voice of the other and she couldn’t help but laugh over his demise. All of her frustrations seemed to flew out of the window. Once calmed down by her fit, Jieun cleared her throat and grabbed her bag, making her way towards her front door.

"Alright. Relax. I thought something bad happened to you. Where are you right now? Can you describe the place around you?"

Zelo didn’t expect he’d ever get that happy at the sound of someone’s voice. He took a deep breath and narrowed eyes, trying to collect any usable data. 

"Uh, well…" he hummed whilst his glance kept wandering over living area. "I’m next some residental blocks." Wow, that was really helpful, Junhong thought as his palm gently tapped forehead. Come on brain, come on. With lip rolled between his teeth, he stepped few meters around and turned into another street.


"Oh—", he repeated, audibly this time. The knot of excitement (or maybe it was hunger) began to bud in his stomach once nice scent reached his nose. "I can smell… see some family restaurant across. Maybe we could meet there? My treat.” Zelo offered lightly and hoped a plate of bulgogi will made up all the bother once again. Who doesn’t like food anyway?

3:26 pm


/she chuckles before nodding; I was in Singing in the rain with him and basically all other SM artists. They forced me to do it. He’s not that good a kisser.

*casts his chin on his palm while listening to you* that sucks, then. Or maybe you just should practice more together?

12:38 pm

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