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Life’s fabulous, thank you, my hugging protégé. -she only tightens her grip around you with no intentions of letting go- And how have yooou been?

It’s really good to hear it from you *his smiles widen at the nickname, while he brings hand up your hair to comb it a little* Well, I guess it’d be enough if I say busy, but I can’t complain. I’ve missed hugs, though. 


↳ Pre-debut Junhong & quotes about his life before becoming Zelo of B.A.P.

Zelo is bright like neon, like a “Matsu Tree” in that he is hard to knock down, and like a blank piece of paper as he will become a person more amazing than anyone else. - Yongguk


i put your name on the bullet 
so everyone knows 
you were the last thing 
that went through my head


rice vampires


adult swim


(( choi junhong is a vampire )) 

rice diares

stream of consciousness keeps flowing

hyung is from ewxo

exo released WOOLF

therefore they are werewoolves

vision of Lay and Zelo as natural enemies

moongxm asked
-slowly approaches and clings to-

*can’t help but smiles at the sudden affection he received, circling arms around you* hello, long time no see, dear. How’s life?


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just gonna

just gonna

leave this here

let’s not forget about this

you know, not treating self too seriously is considered as the sing of maturity and it looks like I’m the one who should be called hyung there.


-ruffles his hair and smiles widely- Ah, I see. Well, that’s not a problem. Fans should be thankful to the scriptwriters and managers and other who take care of their idols. Mh, It won’t be a bother. I’ll make food for all of your hyungs and noonas. HEY YOUR MIND IS NOT THAT OLD MAYBE LIKE 30 BUT ITS CALLED MATURING IT OK

*returns the smile as wide, then tilts his face to the side, fiddling with his sleeve once the feeling of uneasiness approached him out of sudden* Yeah, but yet this person should have done better and be aware of the fact they fame level is nowhere near SHINee’s, no matter how sassy does it sound. I’m sure I’ll meet more people once they figure out who made this food. FEW MONTHS AGO I MADE THIS MENTAL AGE TEST AND IT TURN OUT 43… OR MAYBE 34. MATURING SUCKS, I WANT TO FEEL LIKE RECKLESS IDIOT AND START WORRYING ABOUT UNIMPORTANT STUFF


[text↳Zelo] Don’t you think I didn’t see you and Yongguk fanboying over our dance skills back then? But i’m happy we eventually met again and got to know eachother so much better!!! I’ve been good, I must say. Definitely much better than how I was when we last talk! I missed you too, I just didn’t know where you went! 

[✉ → Mint] Do you really think it was fanboying? Maybe we just wondered how such tiny people could make themselves visible on a stage ㅎㅎ. I’m glad to hear that, you deserve to feel nothing but good things. Well, due to few anxietes I really had to leave for a while, but kept visiting my places. I saw you there but was too scared to approach, as usual, haha. 


-she furrowed her brows before raising it and blinking rapidly- Did that really happen? Awh, that’s a little upsetting, but that’s okay! I’ll make enough to go around, mhm. oh wait, i’m getting something jESUS MY MEMORY YOU WERE VERY BOLD AND SPARKLY

*nods as he stretches out his arms* Yes, fan left some food in their bus, but present went to scriptwriter, because they havethe same name as SHINee member. As long as it won’t be a bother for you. I don’t want you to waste your time on me, really. YEAH, I WAS RADIATING SPARKLES JUST LIKE CHERNOBYL’S KIDS. NOW I’m a teen with a mind of 70 years old, sad life


-lets him down and pats his butt before smiling cheekily- Don’t worry, cutiepie. I’ll send you some homemade Korean food by yours truly. Since when did we walk around naked.

*fixes her face with stupefied glance and starts swaying on the balls of his feet* Make sure to adress it directly to me, I’d be sad if my hyungs or noonas ate the food prepared for me with love. Like it happened to someone from SHINee, I believe. old times, really oooold times. Though it was my exhibitionist period, I bet that’s the thing every human being goes over