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Zelo from B.A.P. '96
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Taken; 05022014, bitches

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is it the real lifeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

11:56 pm


Really weird ideas, huh? I bet. Control your teenage hormones in public, please. I changed my mind, though, I’m gonna learn on my own and sweep you off your feet when you least expect it. { ` gives a roll of his eyes, tongue clicking against the roof of his mouth. } He’d most likely get jealous because I get more affection from you than he does. 

I already do but keep existing and I swear I’m going to drag you to that dressing room. That makes me sound like dick blackmailer, though. Huh, are you going to challenge me? I’m in. All to see how you struggle, wearing cute pink outfits, flashing aegyo 25/7. [’ nods firmly, a cheeky grin curling his lips corners] His lose. I don’t think he’d even tell the difference, he’s made Jongup hyung his personal teddy bear so unless you steal him from Himchan, which will happen like never because I am here, we are free of jealousy. 

11:53 pm

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Yeah, it is! I love giving them what they want or surprising them with something they never would have expected. A lot of them seemed to not know what to expect this time around. -giggles- And I’m a little disappointed, too. I love watching you guys dance, you’re so talented. -smiles- But don’t worry it’s fine. I’m sure I’ll be able to feel your support all the way on the stage as we perform.


Of course, I can consider myself lucky because B.A.P was able to establish an image of “variety group” so our fans are aware we don’t stick to one genre. *beams widely at her compliment* Thank you, we always try to give our best. I’m sure I can teach noona a move or two if you are interested. *nods* Yeah, feel free to count me as your quiet admirer, then. 

8:37 pm

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Lame, lame, lame. You could have taught me so many things—Junhong sensei. You want kisses between meals and practice? Hmmm, I will think about it. Can’t let anyone catch us, though. It’d be fatal.

Junhong sensei… ugh, don’t call me like that, it gives me really weird ideas. But if you ask me nice enough I might take your request into consideration. I guess we have been doing pretty good work so far with hiding how gay for each other we are so don’t worry, babe. I bet Himchannie hyung would ship us, though. 

8:12 pm

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leesunmeemers replied to your post “{ ‘barges in like its 1954 and poses } Welcome to the outskirts Pied Piper”

I may or may not. { ‘pegs your nose between her fingers }

We shall. But we still have no ball pit. *attempts to bite on her palm joyfully*

8:07 pm


true, she probably sent like 509343 messages to the people she didn’t welcome yet

noona is such a kind admin, isn’t she?

8:05 pm

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{ 'barges in like its 1954 and poses } Welcome to the outskirts Pied Piper


*eyes her curiously, fingers snapped in z formation* thank you, Cinderella. Are we going to have retro themed party now or—

6:55 pm


Oh my goodness, look at all the cheese—maybe you should teach me how to be cute and romantic because you are clearly better at it than I am. All I can do is eat, sing and sleep. 

Maybe I should but I won’t, things would become more obvious if I revealed all my tricks. Your way of showing affection is fine the way it is. And nah, you can also kiss me in between a meal and vocal practice. 

11:13 pm

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It’s great! I’m really excited about it. Especially seeing the fans’ reactions to everything.— Ah jinjja? You heard it? Haha, I’m happy you enjoyed it~


Fans reactions are one of my favorite things about comebacks, to be honest. Not gonna lie, it’s nice to get positive feedback after putting effort in something. I really did, too bad my band isn’t promoting nowadays and we won’t be able to meet during music programs. I’d cheer for you on the background as Sistar win another #1.

11:07 pm

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Well aren’t you just a sweetheart! How are you doing today?


No, not really. I just have my moments. I’m doing quite well, just hoping the heat wave will end up soon. What about you?

10:48 pm

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My attempt—at least I tried. But shh, don’t worry, your squealing will stay between us. I won’t tell a single soul. Squeal your heart out, Junnie. Squeeeeaaal.

You tried and you did well, though. I guess it’s just me, but every of your attempts bring out another charm that make my chest tighten. In a good way, of course. But nope, I will wait. Make me squeal, Daedae. I dare youuuuuuuu.

10:40 pm

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I see you~ hi there!


I see you, too, noona. hello! how’s your comeback? i must say i enjoyed the new song.

10:34 pm

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Very true, you do have a point. Sometimes it’s better to just have four close friends than twenty of them that don’t help you at all. Wise words. (`she nods along in agreement, her lips pressing into a thin line) Even more wise words, I feel I’m being given amazing life lessons. Am I even  really your noona at this point!? But I’ll be sure to and since I’m sick it’ll be perfect. (`holds both her cheeks) You have actually gotten me to join. Let’s do this! I might have skittles in my bag.. 

Honestly, I can’t imagine how one person can keep being knitted closely to over 20 people. Like… Is it even possible? *he quickly waves hands at her along with a hand shook and timid smile curving his lips* No no, one of my friends actually told me I’m a 120 year old locked in teenage body but I’m sure I’m not that mature. I hope you won’t be lazy enough to forget about breathing. *snickers against his palm* So we gotta taste the rainbow while watching cartoons. I’m actually in mood for rewatching Spongebob. 

10:25 pm