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Zelo from B.A.P. '96
Mokpo representative
Taken; 05022014, bitches

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11:23 am

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Conversations are easier to keep if at least one person knows what’s happening.

Although it isn’t necessary,is it?

2:45 pm

sxneu replied to your post: /sweeps the dust that covered his blog…

{ ; pets quietly }

/allows you too and shifts closer

Hi there

6:03 pm

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-scrunches up her nose as she fixes her hair- heh I can see that. You better go get enough rest though. Mostly the same, busy, tired but it’s all good!

I hope Yongguk hyung will help you relax even for a little bit. /snickers against his palm, wondering when he will stop being this cheeky

6:01 pm

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Maknae what are you talking about?

I have no idea but I like how we still manage to continue this conversation.

5:58 pm


@witcheunhour you know how I feel, right? So left over. /weeps and latches self onto

9:08 pm

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Can you lurk with other people?

Sure. Impossible is nothing after all.

7:52 pm

jongup-inhere replied to your post “/sweeps the dust that covered his blog; Wow, I’m finally back. …”

I’m sort of lurking about.

Same actually. Why won’t we lurk together?

5:04 pm

/giggles and hugs you/ Hi~ My name's Bam Bam.


/returns the hug and smiles; What a nice name you have. I’m Zelo and it’s nice to meet you. How’s life?

3:29 pm

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its been so ooosoososo long


I feel we’ve gotten super old since last time we talked.

3:06 pm

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/pokes you/


/squirms and pokes your finger;

Hello there!

3:06 pm

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chaexnel replied to your post “Junjun -runs towards you and gives you a tight hug-”

I missed you too! -sways a little before pulling away- how have you been?

*can’t resist the urge to mess your hair up a little* Busy, quite tired but I’m better now. And you?

3:02 pm

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kik0hara replied to your post: /sweeps the dust that covered his blog…


Omgs with.

Because really, it’s been 8473847384 years.

1:33 pm

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